As I cared for my mother on her dementia journey, I discovered a new approach to life.

Live Well:
To Live well is to accept the “new normal” and make it the best it can be.

Laugh Well:
“Love Well” is to grieve the loss, but, at the same time, honor, love, and respect the person within. I have learned that the spirit is indeed there throughout the journey.

Laugh Well:
“Laugh Well” means to laugh with them, because those who are memory impaired still love to laugh, enjoy humorous moments, good jokes, etc. In addition, “Laugh Well” means to take the time to laugh. This journey can be stressful and we are our best help to our loved ones when we “put the oxygen mask on ourselves” first.

These three things allowed me to love my mother, honor her and supported both of us in the transition through this new phase in her life. It was a continual process.

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