"Hospice CNA, End of Life Doula, Family Caregiver, Author & Speaker"

New blog posts about the 22nd of each month (although I might miss a month now and then when life is really busy)! I'll be starting a couple article series about becoming an End of Life Doula and What the CNA Wants to Tell You. Stay Tuned!


Care Manager, CNA, Family Caregiver, Author & Speaker

Having been a family caregiver as well as being a professional caregiver and an ordained pastor, Joy Carol Davidson uses her education, training, and personal experiences to support families through the final season of life and end of life.

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Joy’s book, Surviving the Storm details her journey through an eight month flood of change describing how her faith guided her to a new season of life. Joy C. Davidson is passionate about helping those experiencing their own flood of change find the Best New Normal.