"Hospice CNA, End of Life Doula, Family Caregiver, Author & Speaker"

New blog posts about the 22nd of each month (although I might miss a month now and then when life is really busy)! I'll be starting a couple article series about becoming an End of Life Doula and What the CNA Wants to Tell You. Stay Tuned!


Hospice CNA, End of Life Doula, Family Caregiver, Author & Speaker

Having been a family caregiver, being a professional caregiver, and an ordained pastor, Joy Carol Davidson uses her education, training, and personal experiences to support these families on  their journey through the final years of life, end of life, and the grief journey that we all walk sometime during our life.


Joy’s book, Surviving the Storm details her journey through an eight month flood of change describing how her faith guided her to a new season of life. Joy C. Davidson is passionate about helping those experiencing their own flood of change find the Best New Normal.




When it came time for my mother to enter a nursing home, Joy became the person of contact during this emotional time. Joy took the lead in the effort to place my mother in a quality facility. This was a tremendous help and mental release on me as I live 1300 miles away and could not have done 90% of the work that she did.

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Agendas & Advocacy

Every stage of life is characterized by a “crisis” or a set of tasks that are in conflict, but must be resolved to enable the individual to move forward in life.
Our elders are faced with the only developmental crisis in which it is necessary for the individual to, instead of pushing forward as required by every other crisis, look backward as well as permit a member of a younger generation facilitate the emergence of their legacy. This crisis is between control and determination of how they want to be remembered – their organic legacy. The difficulty is that determining their organic legacy requires relinquishment of control.

Forward in the Rearview Mirror

We humans are not capable of looking forward as we drive AND looking in the rearview mirror at the same time? As family members and caregivers, I believe we have a similar situation.

Who Cares?

According to the World Federation for Mental Health, “Caregiving affects us all. Regardless of culture or country, all people have been – currently are – or will need a caregiver during the course of their lifetime.” What is a caregiver?

When You Become Your Loved One

I am talking about that moment when you become your loved one – your mother, your aunt, your father, your sister, your friend – at least legally. When does that moment occur? It occurs when a Power-of-Attorney is signed and then enacted.

Power of Attorney is Empowering

Why should someone execute a Medical and Durable Power-of-Attorney? Isn’t that asking for something terrible to happen?

Live, Love, and Laugh Well

When my mother had a stroke and developed Vascular Dementia, it was the start of a flash flood of change. Did it overcome me or did I overcome?

Who’s on First? – Part 2

In my previous blog, I said “I believe there is an answer that helps many” deal with the stress, exhaustion, and health impact of caregiving. During my time as a family caregiver and now as a professional caregiver, I came to realize the role of caregiver is actually two roles: Advocate & Caregiver. From my perspective, Advocate is the primary role while Caregiver is the secondary role.

Who’s on First? – Part 1

Many caregivers are stressed, exhausted, depressed. What if, in their search for answers, they found hope in a simple perspective change?